The Ribbon Around the Pentagon

For inspiration we look back to 1985 when thousands of people gathered in Washington DC to wrap a symbol of Peace (The Ribbon) around a symbol of war (The Pentagon).

Carried by loving hands, The Ribbon was made up of over 25,000 individual segments and stretched for 15 miles. People from many religious, philosophical, ethnic, cultural, economic, and political traditions joined the effort.

Justine Merritt

Justine Merritt, the woman who in 1982 conceived the idea of tying a Ribbon around the Pentagon, described the panel pieces as signs of “Tangible Hope.” She wrote, “When I was making my own ribbon panel, I found that as I would thread my needle, I was confronting the fear, confronting the grief and terror. As I drew the needle up through the cloth, I was praying for peace, and the prayer became an affirmation of life.”

2 thoughts on “The Ribbon Around the Pentagon

    1. I know! Can’t you just see Justine smiling down on this? When next we meet I will have stories to share. And you do know that there are folks in GJ doing panels as well? They are the ones who got me thinking about this about a year ago.


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